Friday, March 19, 2010

Neurocutaneous markers

Various Neurocutaneous markers that can be seen are

1. Cafe-au-lait spots

2. Lisch Nodules ( Slit lamp Examination)

3. Axillary and inguinal freckling

4. Cutaneous Neurofibramatosis

5. Facial Angiofibromas

6. Multiple Ungual Fibromas

7. Shagreen Patch

8. Adenoma Sebaceum

9. Hyper / Hypo melanotic macules

10. "Confetti" Skin Lesions ( Brightly colored lesions)

11. Randomly distributed enamil pits in deciduous or permanent teeth

12. Gingival fibromas

13. Ash - Leaf Spots

14. Facial angioma or portwine stain 

15. Hemangiomas over the spine

16. Dermal sinus

17. Hairy tuft over sacrum

18. Sacral dimples and pits


J said...

thank you for the exhaustive list of Neurocutaneous markers.
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2. If possible please put the pictures of the lesions mentioned in the neurocutanous markers
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PND, Dermatologist said...

dr sharath, good no u have added. But could include icthyotic diseases, hair diseases, melanocytic naevi, vascular malformations. Dr Nirmaladevi, TVMCcan find me in facebook

Ashok Kunchala said...

thank u sir

~Phoenix~ said...

This has helped me so much.
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